Notley won’t defend money grabbing Carbon Tax by the Feds

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Rachel Notley, the Premier of Alberta, has said that she is not interested in showing a united front with other leaders against the carbon pricing plan in Ottawa.

Brad Wall and Stephen McNeil of Saskatchewan and Nova Scotia respectively, have been critics of the Liberals plan to charge $10 for every ton of carbon from 2018 onwards. Notley said Alberta wasn’t going to go along with this plan unless the government made progress on the new oil pipelines for the coast of Canada.

After a speech to municipalities on Thursday, she said that she wasn’t interested in getting together with McNeil and Wall to fight this plan. Unlike her counterparts, Notley said that Alberta supported the idea of national prices o carbon.

She said that they were open to discussing it with their colleagues around the country. Suggesting there shouldn’t be a carbon price in Canada isn’t a good starting point which is helpful to utilize.

Alberta is bringing in a carbon tax of its own which will be around $20 per ton of carbon from 1st Jan 2017. It will then rise to $30 per ton by 2018.

The federal government trying to raise the price of carbon by $10 per ton every year until it is at $50 per ton by 2022. Trudeau says carbon pricing isn’t going to be placed on provinces which don’t match tax either through cap-and-trades or direct pricing.

Notley said that she hasn’t spoken with PM Justin Trudeau on this yet since he announced the plan recently. But her stance isn’t something which should come as a surprise.

She has not outlined what Alberta is going to do if there’s no progress on the development of the pipeline except saying Ottawa is going to have trouble implementing a national carbon price without co-operation from the provinces.

It’s a complicated and complex policy initiative. You cannot just snap your fingers and get a predictable outcome she said.