Brian Jean Talks About Countering Trudeau And Notley Carbon Tax Schemes

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Trudeau’s plan for carbon tax is finally out of the bag and Brian Jean, the Wildrose leader, feels Notley should at least stop her plan of bringing in provincial carbon taxes in Jan 2017.

He argues that since the feds are not making the province charge carbon taxes in 2017, why should the province itself?

He feels that she needs to say no and go back on her planned Jan 1st date. He also said that if he were elected, he would get rid of this tax altogether. He also said that deciding not to go ahead with it in 2017 would be less damaging and less expensive to their economy.

He said that in 2018, the carbon tax by Premier Notley will be thrice as high as Trudeau’s taxes. Notley needs to cut her tax by 2/3rds in 2018 so it can reach the lowest number possible as per Trudeau’s plan.

It’s ridiculous to be more aggressive as compared to the plans of the federal government for all provinces. This brings us to the year 2019 when there is a provincial election which is going to decide the final fate of the tax.

If Wildrose is elected, the carbon tax scheme will go away including the cash handouts from corporate welfare for the outfits that try out various green ideas.

They are also not in favor of Trudeau stepping in and enforcing his carbon tax rules on the province either. In 2021 and the future, what Trudeau wants to charge may just be higher than Notley’s scheme.

Notley doesn’t have a problem working with Ottawa as long as they have a pipeline. But Jean says that it isn’t about fighting with Ottawa, it is about sticking up for the Albertans and ensuring they get fair treatment.

Jean says that if there is an issue where there is a possibility of them infringing on Alberta’s jurisdiction, he was going to fight for their priorities.


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