ICNA’s Book On Slave Girls, Jihad To Be Included In Ontario Islamic Heritage Month

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Andrea Horwath, the Ontario NDP Leader, along with Teresa Armstrong, MPP, were joined on Thursday by the Director of Fund Development and External at IDRF, Farheen Khan, and the Chairman of Canadian Council of Imams, Dr. Iqbal Al-Nadvi, to celebrate Ontario’s first Islamic Heritage Month. The bill was passed unanimously by the legislature on the 06th of October 2016.

Over the last few weeks, they pushed for this month to be recognized in Ontario. Deciding on October for this is very important since it gives Ontario a chance to celebrate the culture of Islam and reaffirm the diversity of their province. The NDP was proud to stand along with the Muslim community in helping this happen.

Dr. Al-Nadvi thanked the NDP for helping the bill get passed and said it was an opportunity for them to highlight their contributions and values while encouraged some dialogue in their province. He said that it was a very important step as far as building bridges between their communities was concerned.

ICNA in Canada stresses on the propagation of the universal and true message of Islam which is only possible when the entire Muslim community in Canada can be transformed into a Dawah by propagating and practicing the Islamic Way of Life. With their vision of building an exemplary community of Canadian-Muslims, it’s very important to also spread Islam.

Zunera Ishaq, a woman who stood right in the middle of the whole debate no niqab during the election campaign in Canada, works for the ICNA. On their website, they share with their members, supporters, and followers the book called ‘Riyad us Saliheen’ which was put together by Imam Zakaruya Yahya Bin Sharaf An-Nawawi a hadith scholar and Sunni Shafi-ite who lived in the 1200’s.

This book is known to help add some modern commentary to a number of verses from the Hadith and Qur’an.