Hillary Clinton Is Worried About Jihadists Entering The Country With Refugees

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In a private speech made by Hillary Clinton in 2013, she said that she was worried about risks involved with jihadists entering Jordan along with legitimate refugees since they lack the resources or infrastructure to vet all refugees.

Today, Clinton is looking at increasing the number of refugees from Syria in the US by 55,000 every year. She believes that the screening process in the US is good enough to catch any potential jihadists who are attempting to enter the country. But James Comey, the FBI Director said that the process was limited severely since they do not have enough data.

She said she believed it was right for people to talk about the places they have visited since there is a discussion happening right now throughout the region in order to try and find common ground for dealing with the threats of extremism specifically from Syria. This is something which has people worried. She is also concerned about Jordan since it is on the border of Syria and there thousands of refugees there which there is no way they have been able to vet.

She also added that they had no idea if there were jihadists who were entering the country along with the legitimate refugees. She was worried about refugees from Turkey for the exact same reason.

Clinton had proposed in 2015 that the United States should start taking in 65,000 refugees from Syria every year which is a huge increase from the earlier 10,000 per year. Donald Trump, the Republican nominee, said that her proposal for increasing the number of refugees from Syria who were coming to the US was going to be one of the greatest Trojan horses ever.

Clinton was paid $400,000 for this speech and the excerpt from the 2013 speech was a part of the emails released by Wikileaks.