ISIS Destroyed An Assyrian Church In Iraq

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The Islamic State has destroyed a church in Karmlis, a city near Mosul, Iraq. They set charges in the building which is adjoining multiple Assyrian churches and heritage sites in the Nineveh Governorate.

The detonated the devices on a Sunday afternoon and completely destroyed the church.

The destruction of this building adds to the list of offenses by ISIS in attempts to destroy cultural artifacts which they feel are sacrilegious. They include the ancient ruins, Palmyra, the Gate of God, the Tal Ajaja settlement, and various other relics.

In March 2016, it was declared that every UNESCO heritage site in Syria was either destroyed or damaged in 5 years of civil war. In Iraq, this destruction began in 2014 once Mosul fell to ISIS. More than twenty-eight places of worship and historic relics were attacked and looted.

This destruction does not only happen because of their anti-cultural agenda either. The terrorists sell and loot the artifacts which they salvage on the black market later in order to finance their campaign.

Karmlis, the Assyrian town, and the surrounding villages have been abandoned turning this town into a ghost town.

Thousands of families have fled to the part of Iraq held by the Kurdish. As per Shamoun, ISIS’s purpose is eliminating the identity of this area.

The terrorists have had control of Mosul since 2014 and have been rampaging through the area to rid it of any culture just like they did in Syria.

They have attacked more than one thousand archaeological sites in both of these countries.

The international community just cannot stand back and watch this happen. According to the Italian Culture Minister, UN’s peacekeeping mission is aimed at protecting important sites which are at risk of terrorist attacks.

Russia has also joined this campaign to help Syria by targeting ISIS from the sky. They have liberated Palmyra which was considered lost by the international community. The ancient city was controlled by terrorists since May 2015 until recently when the Russian-Syrian operation expelled them in March 2016.