Leading Jihadist In Syria Killed In US Air Strike

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One of the main figures in Al Qaeda who had become a very important member of the Syrian Jabhat al-Nusra has been killed in a recent drone attack.

They said that Sheikh Abu al Faraj al Masri, who has spent a number of years in prison in Egypt on the charges of plotting together with Islamist groups and then left for Afghanistan, has died when his vehicle was hit in Idlib, a city in northwest Syria.

The United States Department issued a statement saying Masri was the target in an air strike near the city and they were assessing the results of this strike.

Ever since the coalition, led by the US, launched their operations in Syria, mainly against ISIS, air strikes have been targeting multiple al-Nusra figures and have been killing many.

The United States has suspended talks with Russia about ending the conflict in Syria since they say there’s nothing for them to talk about.

In one of the last public appearances by Masri, he was with a former leader of Nusra, Abu Mohamad al-Jolani. The group had then announced that they were going to be renaming themselves Jabhat Fateh al-Sham. This was in July. The reason they cited for this is because they didn’t want to give Washington any pretext or power to attack them.

Washington has dismissed this move by saying it was only cosmetic and that they were going to continue targeting this group as terrorists.

Just in September, Abu Hajer al Homsi, the top commander of the group, had been killed when there was an air strike in the rural province of Aleppo.

Masri also known as Sheikh Ahmad Salamah Mabrouk was among the best companions of Ayman al-Zawahri, the al-Qaeda leader in Afghanistan from the late 80’s.

Masri had earlier been held under a rendition scheme by the CIA when he was arrested in 1998 in Azerbaijan.