Nobody Counted This $450,000 Bill Towards Syrian Refugees 

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Many Canadians would argue that Syrian refugees receive more money than Canadians who are out of work, homeless or veterans. 

This is actually true, refugees are receiving more money and benefits than any other Canadian in any situation helped by government funds. 

There’s thousands of in-direct costs that benefit only newly arrived refugees, in one example, costs such as Facebook ads from the liberal government. 

The liberal government has spent more on Facebook ads in one year than Stephen Harper and the conservatives did in nine years, this number is around $6 million. 

Nearly $500,000 of this Facebook ad money is being spent solely on Syrian refugees. 

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada coughed up $467,300 for Facebook ads, including $67,300 to “raise awareness among Canadians to get involved and support efforts in welcoming Syrian refugees.”


This is a number many Canadians don’t consider when told refugees received more benefits than veterans, homeless and out of work Canadians. 

It’s called a ripple affect, refugee costs don’t just directly affect refugees, they affect them in-directly just as well. These are costs not calculated in the refugee budget, these are costs used by the liberal government as their advertising costs and left hidden from the Canadian public at first glance. 

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