Justin Trudeau Supports Pedophiles In This Video

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Is Justin Trudeau really the leader Canadians want? Trudeau shows big support for the LGBTQ community, and so do I, and so should every Canadian, we must respect the LGBTQ community for who they are and the decisions they make, we’re all human.

However, there is a line that should be drawn when events like Pride Parades take place in many major cities across Canada. 

The first, and possibly only rule that should be in place for these events is the adults only rule, if you allow young children to be exposed to sexual acts by the LQBTQ community shows you support younger children watching, and looking at adult sexual activities, which means you’re a pedophile. 

Justin Trudeau took part in Toronto’s Pride Parade just a few months ago. Watch the video below comment your thoughts, do you agree?