Conditional discharge for the Canadian Father of Jihadist

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A Muslim man named Uddin in Toronto was given conditional discharge by the court when it was found that the AR-15 that he discarded in the garbage actually belonged to his son, Kadir Abdul. His eldest son left to Syria long ago in order to fight on the side of the ISIS but died in the ensuing allied bombings.

Muhammad has admitted in the court that he broke the semi-automatic rifle of his son to prevent him from the joining the Islamic army. Toronto police services are also investigating the case wherein was revealed that Kadir and his friend Samuel Aviles booked a plane to turkey but were arrested 200 Km from the Syrian border. The youth seems to be brainwashed with the age-old Islamic ideas but the trend is alarming and has to be controlled at any cost no matter what happens.

During the hearing of the case in the court, prosecutor determined that the owner of the rifle was Kadir and he is now booked under the terrorism peace bonds rule. Firearm case is a huge revelation because how Kadir got access to a semi-automatic rifle is still puzzling the lawmakers. When he was interrogated outside the courtroom, the individual fail to answer the question in a satisfactory manner. The whole mode of operation of issuing the firearm license is now being exposed in the media and is showing the authorities under poor light.

In spite of rigorous screening, a youth with dubious credentials can lay his hands on A-15. Police broke into the house of Kadir when he flew to turkey but couldn’t find the firearm. Uddin admitted throwing it into the garbage as he wanted to get rid of the weapon in the house. Kadir was deported from Turkey and got arrested at Pearson airport. His father was also apprehended by the police on 18th May but the old man pleaded not guilty. Judge stated in court that the individual was old and lived on a disability pension in the country.


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