It Is Possible To Apply Shariah In Canadian Society? 

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A Muslim activist in Toronto, Taha Ghayyur, who is also one of DawaNet’s board members, believes Islamic Law can be enacted in North America gradually.

Ghayyur says he is a writer, community organizer, public speaker, marketing consultant, etc. He is currently working with Sound Vision as a Development Manager and volunteer with DawaNet in a number of capacities. He got involved in the early years on MuslimFest.

DawaNet is an organization which strives to:

Create successful networks of media and communications to keep the community of Muslims connected and informed.
To relate and share Islam with wisdom, beauty, disciplines, and wisdom using modern and traditional means of communication.
To offer workshops, courses, and study circles for Islamic disciplines and sciences in the light of Islamic sources and the environment, to develop a healthy Muslim citizenship and identity.
To influence the opinion of the public about issues related to social justice through media participation and artistic expression.

DawaNet has applied to become a registered charity and their application is currently being processed.

Sound Vision Canada calls itself as a pioneer in Islamic entertainment and education programs and products for Muslims in North America.

Young Muslims is an organization which is dedicated to addressing vital roles the Muslim youth of North America should play while counteracting modern temptations by challenging youth to take the best possible paths in this world and the future while encouraging Muslim youths to feel comfortable with their identity, heritage, and spirituality.

There was an article which was published on the Young Muslims website about understanding punishments in Shariah where Taha Ghayyur explained why there were such harsh punishments in Islam and argued that it can be implemented in a continent like North America.

PM Justin Trudeau, greeted the organizers of a MuslimFest with a video message in the summer of 2016 at Mississauga including Sound Vision, DawaNet, and Young Muslims.