Ezra Levant Wants Answers From Trudeau After UN Bans Him From Climate Conference

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Ezra Levant, the Canadian political commentator, is turning to Justin Trudeau to help him after he was barred from attending the Conference of Parties in Morocco next month.

Earlier in the month, the UNFCCC secretariat told the Rebel that it was rejecting their application to send a reporter and producer to COP22 since advocacy media outlets didn’t qualify for accreditation.

A statement on their website right now says the deadline for accreditation is over and maximum media passes are already issued.

He said he didn’t ask for any help from the government earlier since he was hoping the issue would be worked out on its own before the deadline. Since it didn’t, now he is seeking assistance from the PM and Catherin McKenna, the Environment Minister.


He said that he knows the PM doesn’t agree with his outlet but still wanted him to stand up for freedom of the press.

They also made arrangements for Sheila Gunn Reid, the chief of their Alberta Bureau and Meaghan MacSween, their producer, to go to Marrakesh for the conference from the 7th to the 18th of November. Their application was denied, and the application for a cameraman hasn’t been responded to yet.

The UNFCCC requires all online media who bid for accreditation to have phone numbers and street addresses while publishing at least 60% of original content or analysis and commentary. They also have to operate websites which are updated at least thrice a week and provide a couple of sample articles from the previous month. The Rebel does meet all qualifications, and there’s nothing on the UNFCCC website about advocacy journalism.

This is not the only time when outside support rallied around this news organization when it was barred from events. Earlier in the year they were banned from going for media availabilities by the NDP government but was later accredited after professional uproar.