Justin Trudeau Clearly Supports Sharia Law

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The Trudeau cabinet had met in Sudbury recently and then had a liberal caucus in Quebec shortly after. The media wasn’t allowed in for the private talk. But we still managed to learn what happened in there.

It seems the big thinkers of the party are worried about the blatant attempts by Trudeau to hustle votes from the LGBT community. His actions have created quite a reaction from the liberal party’s Muslim caucus. The rift was caused by the Muslim component of the Liberal caucus who started complaining openly.

In the present caucus, ten Muslims were elected and are a part of the caucus. Two individuals are notably in key positions. Maryam Monsaf was handed the file for bringing about election reforms in Canada. Trudeau has said many times during the last election that there wouldn’t be any more elections where “first past the post” defined the party which governed Canada. This is the Liberal party’s chance to bring about an alternative process which will assure the path to victory is easy for them in future elections.

Omar Alghbra has made it known openly that he would want Canada to adopt Sharia law in its full scale. Even when the campaign was on, he made commitments about Trudeau creating a supportive and friendly environment with Iran.

He delivered large blocs of Muslim votes in Canada, and for this, he was given a spot on the cabinet where he deals with international relations and embassies. Among other roles, embassies are the front line when it comes to issuing visas that allow foreigners to enter Canada.

The theatrical attendance by Trudeau in a number of mosques is considered ominous by the LGBT group. He also made appearances at gay pride parades which have caused murmurs that the Muslim group was only used to collect the Muslim vote.

Things certainly aren’t the way Trudeau says they are. It’s a tangled web for sure.