BREAKING: Terrorist Attack Free Speech In Calgary AGAIN

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About a month ago a video has surfaced of a university student from Calgary attacking free speech of the Donald Trumps theme “Make America Great Again” the story went viral as Trump made his Canadian debut to controversy for the Canadian liberals, see this story here. 

This has happened once again in Calgary at a different school, a man supporting the Donald Trump theme got punched for supporting it with a simple fist pump, we call this behavior terrorism because I feel very offended when my freedom of speech is under attack, threat and violence, don’t you?

Here’s the actual meaning for Terrorism “the use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims.”

So yes, this was a violent act to purse political aim against conservatives, to me those who commit such crimes are labeled as terrorists, and this has nothing to do with skin colour, it baffles me that liberals say not all terrorists are Muslim, let’s see what they say to this?

For more on this story watch below.


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