Teacher’s Racist Lecture Saying “To Be White Is To Be Racist”

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A teacher from Norman North High School was instructing students that it was racist to be white period.

A student who didn’t want to be identified used her smartphone to record a lecture where her teacher explained how the racial divide could be healed.

The girl told her parents about the troubling comments by her teacher, and they contacted district officials for answers.

The lecture started with a video on the mistreatment of Native Americans which then prompted students to start recording the lesson which ended with the lecture on racism.

The teacher went on to say that she was racist even though she didn’t choose to be. The student was offended to be called racist. She said that half her family was Hispanic and she just felt like being called racist simply because she was white made no sense. She said it felt like he was telling people to pick on others because they were white.

Her father didn’t get impressed either and contacted school officials as well as the media to tell them about this situation.

The school district claimed that the lecture was simply discussing one of the various perspectives on racism. The student believes that many classmates of hers took the lecture literally too and the teacher needed to make it clear that it wasn’t the case.

Joe Siano, the superintendent of Norman Public Schools, gave a statement to the media but didn’t offer details on the disciplinary action the teacher was going to be facing.

Racism is a very important topic which needs to be discussed in schools. When discussing a number of perspectives on culture, ethics, and race, a teacher was trying to tell students in a philosophy course a perspective which has been shared during the university lecture.

They apologized for the lecture being handled poorly and addressed the concern immediately on being notified.


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