Offensive To Oilfeild Workers: Calgary Roughnecks Name Must Be BANNED

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I’m an oilfield worker, I’ve workers in the oilfield for 10 years and never had a different job come November 16. 

With Toronto Mayor wanting to remove the Edmonton Eskimos name, and the recent headlines about removing the Cleveland Indians name because those names are offensive, I’ve decided I have the right as an oilfield worker to take Calgary roughnecks name offensive and want it BANNED! 

Actually I’m just kidding, we get called rig-pigs all the time, I take offence from that when it comes from radical leftists who think by selling their gas guzzling car and taking the bus they are helping with the economy, it’s 2016, people get triggered too easily these days over nothing. 

People need to lighten up, teams have the right to have the name they wish legally, there’s no law stating anywhere the names or brands need to be removed if they offend someone. 

Go roughnecks go! 

End rant.