Conservative Quebec MP Proposing Ban On Niqabs

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Steven Blaney, the MP of Quebec is trying to take control of the Conservative Party, and one of the first things he says he will do is ban the niqab and invoke a clause where the court can’t strike down his measures.

The former minister, Stephen Harper, said he was going to introduce legislation which would forbid this Islamic face-covering while taking citizenship oaths or voting. He even said prohibition was going to extend to the people who work in the federal public service.

He said they were a country which was built by immigrants, but they needed to ensure the new Canadians understood how they live. He didn’t want Canada to become just like the country the immigrants left. He said that they welcome immigrants but wanted to make them respect Canadians.

He feels the measures were necessary if they were to ensure sustainability of their integration model and protect women’s rights.

This proposal also revives a debate from the earlier campaign where Harper suggested the niqab be banned in public.

His party enacted various policies that prevented women from wearing niqabs while taking the oath and promised to create a tip line too. Both proposals led to the party being accused of identity politics.

Blaney, the ex-minister of public safety & emergency preparedness said he was also going to give additional powers to the security agencies of the country so they could substantially expand their present screening capacity when it comes to national security threats. He said that the agencies are overwhelmed with refugee influx from regions torn by war.

He even wanted to make changes to the citizenship test for new Canadians so it could verify their appreciation of core principles in Canada.

Blaney is planning on bolstering the language part of the test in order to ensure immigrants know at least one of their official languages. He said that Canadian citizenship is among the most valuable and respected in the world.


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