The Uber-Tolerant Notley NDP Removed Christianity From Their Holiday Celebrations

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The NDP has started their war on Christmas earlier this time around. They couldn’t even wait long enough for Thanksgiving in America. For just one hundred bucks, you will be able to join the NDP camp and celebrate one unnamed mystery holiday this winter.

The invite that has been posted on the NDP website invites people to bring their holiday spirit to Leduc-Beaumont NDP’s second Annual Holiday Celebration. It further goes on to state that the evening is going to feature a selection of Alberta craft beer, a selection of wine, and a quiet auction with a number of eclectic items.

Do you wonder which holiday they’re talking about? Are there any holiday parties which start in November and then kind of trail off to December? Is there going to be some sort of holiday tree? What about holiday decorations? Holiday gifts maybe?

All of these things are related to Christmas and removing the term from their lexicon is absolutely ridiculous.

This is the second time the NDP is having a holiday celebration. This means the NDP has been in power for a couple of Christmases now and since then the sweet baby Jesus just hasn’t been part of the NDP shindigs.

There’s no reason to get uptight when political leaders do not recognize religious holidays for all of the religions of the world. Politicians do not have to send festive wishes and donate to Human Fund’s in order to prove just how tolerant they’re of everyone else’s traditions.

But this just isn’t how the tolerant NDP works. Rachel Notley had once taken an opportunity with Islam when she wore some type of costume and created a video where she was wearing a headscarf and sent Eid wishes to the entire Muslim community.

Do not misunderstand the sentiment here. Rachel Notley isn’t going to be riding donkeys into Bethlehem just to prove what Christmas is about.

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