Liberals Under Investigation For “pay-for-access” Fraud, This Could Mean Prison 

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The Liberal government is under investigation for a Hillary Clinton style crime, a crime that’s called “pay-for-access” which means you can donate money to the government and receive exclusive access to private meetings with high ranking policy advisors for the Trudeau government. 

Federal lobbying commissioner Karen Shepherd is working hard to investigate wether that’s been happening under the federal Liberal government. 

“We are seeing in the media that this is an issue potentially creating real or apparent conflict of interest, which is why I am looking into it,” Ms. Shepherd told the Commons committee on access to information, privacy and ethics on Thursday. “Obviously, placing the public office holder in a conflict of interest is something that would be a potential breach of the [Lobbying] Act.”

From the Globe and Mail: 

Ethics commissioner Mary Dawson also added her voice to growing concerns that the Liberals’ cash-for-access fundraisers appear to violate the “Open and Accountable Government” rules Prime Minister Justin Trudeau laid down shortly after taking office. Those rules state “there should be no preferential access or appearance of preferential access” in exchange for political donations.

Ms. Dawson on Thursday called the fundraisers “unsavoury,” telling reporters: “One wonders whether people are getting unfair access.”

Ms. Shepherd said she will probe the role of Apotex Inc. chairman Barry Sherman in helping organize and sell $500 tickets for an elite Liberal Party fundraiser on Nov. 7 at the home of Toronto philanthropist Nancy Pencer and funeral home executive Michael Benjamin. Finance Minister Bill Morneau is scheduled to be the prize guest at the exclusive event.

The lobbying commissioner usually does not comment on specific cases, but Ms. Shepherd noted The Globe had already reported that the generic drug manufacturer’s chief lobbyist, John Duffy, has lobbied the Finance Department three times in the past six months. The advocacy group Democracy Watch also filed a formal complaint about the fundraiser, she said.

“Under the act, I have the ability to look into a matter or as a result of a complaint. In the current situation with Apotex, it is quite public,” she said.

Hillary Clinton has done this for years, but hasn’t been found guilty as she’s an insider to the FBI, for Justin Trudeau and his cabinet this could mean stepping down, or at worst, prison if found guilty. 

This could ruin their reputation and trust as a government in charge of the Canadian finiacial system paid for by taxpayers.