Rachel Notley’s NDP Is FULL Of Corruption And LIES, Here’s How They Cheated To Get Your Vote

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Reality has hit ideology quite hard ever since the NDP took over the government of Alberta. This band of anti-industry politicians have certainly changed their tune quite a bit since they were elected one and a half years ago. There are some really troubling tweets originating from the Twitter accounts of multiple members of the government which are a very different tone from when they were elected. Back then, their tone had been quite against the development of oil and gas.

Shannon Phillip, the Environment Minister, had quite a few troubling statements to make about this business. Some of her tweets include comparing the pipeline safety record of Enbridge with Fubar, going to Kitimat in order to fight against Northern Gateway pipeline which her party is currently endorsing, and talking about how big oil companies prefer the PC party as compared to the liberals because of their large donations to them. One thing worth noting here though is the oil & gas donations for the NDP were much higher than the Liberal and PC parties combined.

It was also quite remarkable to see that even after conducting an extensive search; there are very few pro-industry tweets from them apart from the time just before the election.

However, once they were elected, the tone of the NDP changed drastically. This is most likely because of their political wariness. Another possible reason for this could be the that it was the only possible way for the MLA’s to open their eyes and realize just how important oil and gas in Alberta is when it comes to their success. But either way, there is a very grave contrast between the viewpoints of the MLA’s before the NDP took office and after. This is something serious indeed and it is up to the people to determine whether they are willing to overlook such a move or not.

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