Trudeau Says Bombs Aren’t Going To Fix ISIS

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PM Justin Trudeau has defended his policy to cease Canada’s military offensive operations against Islamic State so they can focus on intelligence gathering, military training, and humanitarian missions including refugee resettlement in Canada.

Trudeau explained the federal government was supporting, training, and assisting local forces so they can take back their communities and towns. At the same time, they were also resettling Syrian refugees back home.

He said that Canada was involved in promoting stability and peace in the world in various ways. They were pushing for a UN discussion and debate in Syria. They wanted to show leadership by getting sufficient support to bring the general assembly in front of the security council. Here they can discuss how to stabilize the situation in the country which has been going on for too long, and it is costing the livelihoods and lives of millions of people.

There is a requirement for thoughtful process when it comes to creating stability in societies over a long period of time.

This is just one of the many things that they are doing in Iraq while fighting Daesh. Here, they stopped air bombing and moved towards assisting, training and supporting local forces in taking over Mosul.

Canada is incredibly lucky and has a responsibility to help others out. They need to ensure they weren’t making everything worse and there are multiple examples in the past of Western intervention making things worse. It is important to learn from such acts and become thoughtful no how local communities can be empowered in order to create social and political stability.

Apart from that, Canada and other countries need to do more for welcoming people fleeing from these countries. He also said that he was proud of how Canadians stepped up and welcomed Syrian refugees across the country. He said it was good for the Canadian economy and also good for the world as a whole.

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