Migrants committed 142,500 crimes in Germany during the first six months of 2016 

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Migrants have committed more than 142,500 crimes in a six month period in Germany according to the latest police figures. This is as many as 780 crimes every day which is an increase of almost 40% over 2015.

This comes when Angela Merkel, the German chancellor is facing pressure because of her open-door policy when it comes to immigration. There are also concerns on how the 900,000 newcomers who came last year should be integrated.

There has been a separate report late in 2015 which found immigrants who were registered in Germany committed greater than 200,000 crimes in 2015. Two-thirds of these crimes involved counterfeiting, theft, and financial crimes.

This data is only for crimes where the suspects have been caught. Migrant crime statistics in 2016, when they are available, are most likely to show significant increases over the numbers from 2015. One of the reasons for this is because migrants in the country as refugees or asylum seekers are going missing.

These statistics are just the backdrop for the rising tensions over the liberal refugee policies of Merkel.

The rightwing populist AfD (Alternative for Germany) has harnessed a lot of anger since the refugee influx gets around 14% of the Berlin vote in September.

In October, there were thousands of protesters in Dresden, Germany marking the anniversary of Islamophobic and anti-migrant movement called Pegida.

They were carrying flags with slogans that said things like Merkel must go, and refugees aren’t welcome. Earlier this month, supporters of Pegida sparked a lot of outrage when Angela Merkel and Joachim Gauck were heckled during the reunification celebrations.

So far, no violence has broken out at this rally while Durchgezaehlt, an independent research group estimated that the turnout will be around 6,500 and 8,500 people which is much lesser than the 20,000 who were at the anniversary rally last year.