Putin Criticizes Legal System For Allowing Migrants To Walk After Sexual Emergency

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Vladimir Putin, the Russian President, tends to make statements on the business of countries, but what had happened in Austria was disgusting to the point he couldn’t help weighing in. A rapist, who is also Muslim refugee, raped a child brutally at a pool. He was acquitted for insane reasons. Putin didn’t mind calling them out either.

Putin said the verdict was the same as the dissolution of national values. He said in European countries children are being raped by migrants. The court had acquitted him for a couple of reasons; he spoke the language poorly and didn’t understand the boy did not want this.

He argued a country which refuses to defend children doesn’t have a future and said that the verdict was inconceivable. This is because of the dissolution of traditional values and guilt towards the migrants.

The attack was in 2015 when an asylum seeker from Iraq raped a boy in Vienna in a swimming pool. The attack was brutal, and the boy was hospitalized. The excuse of the Iraqi man was it was a sexual emergency.

However, the chief justice of Austria clarified the verdict isn’t acquittal. This verdict means the man was going to be re-tried so prosecutors can add new charges since the boy suffers from PTSD and the additional charge meant the man could spend even more time behind bars.

So even though the Russian media said the rapist is being let free, it turns out this isn’t the case. This isn’t unusual, and the Russian media criticized Europe frequently for political positions and called Gayropa. While Putin tries pretending he didn’t want to interfere in US politics or he does not want to start a war again, not too many people believed him. A third of the Germans are scared of war with Russia considering the aggression shown by Russia towards the Baltics and Ukraine.


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