BREAKING: Trudeau’s Government has more than 10,000 unsecured classified document violations

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There have already been greater than 10000 incidents of secure or classified documents being left or stored improperly by the government of PM Justin Trudeau since it came to power.

As per a document which was tabled quietly in the House of Commons, the largest number of incidents were in the Public Services & Procurement Department of Canada. 2912 cases of documents not being handled properly between 4th Nov 2015 and 19th Sep 2016 were reported. The Global Affairs department had come in a close 2nd with 2712 incidents.

The Security Intelligence Service of Canada, their spy agency, was third with 659. The agency said that 12 incidents were also sent for additional investigation.

It isn’t known whether the incidents led to privacy or security breaches, though. Nobody has lost security clearance as of now because of improper handling of documents.

The complete extent of these incidents in the federal government isn’t known either. While the answer of the government to a question on the paper order adds to just 10239 incidents, it doesn’t include answers from the Canada Revenue Agency or Justice Department who have many employees that deal with multiple sensitive files.

24 departments have reported that they didn’t have any incidents of mishandling of protected or secure documents.

It isn’t known how these numbers compare with the incidents during the government of Stephen Harper.

Most incidents occurred in the agencies and departments because of public servants leaving sensitive documents on their desk or forgetting to close filing cabinets. Some even took place in cabinet ministers offices.

One talking point which was common in all the answers of the departments was the commitment of the government to security.

While a lot of the departments provided nothing more than the numbers which were asked of them, some of them also provided explanations for the incidents.