ILLEGAL: Canadian Liberals Want Homeless People To Sign Over Voting Rights

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This is something which is illegal in most areas of Canada.

But in Yukon, it’s still kosher, depending on the RCMP concludes for Tamara Goeppel, a candidate for the Liberal party whose has paired ten homeless people in her campaign with volunteers who are going to be voting for them.

She said that she was defending their human rights of voting.

The Yukon elected a territorial legislature last Monday, and this is among of the last remaining jurisdictions of Canada which allow proxy voting.

It is presently only Nunavut and Yukon where this practice has been designed in a way that isolated and absent residents can assign people to vote for them.

People can appoint relatives, friends, or anyone else or can designate candidates or political parties to find somebody for them.

But suspicions were raised by Goeppel when her campaign had arranged various proxy voters for people who were outside the territory during Election Day.

Depending on the information they received, it looked like an offense according to the Elections Act. Another statement from RCMP confirmed Mounties were finding out what happened.

A holdover from the pioneer past of Canada, the original focus of proxy voting is accommodating prospectors, fishermen, trappers, and others who aren’t likely to reach a voting station during election day.

However, Goeppel considered this to mean proxy voting can be used for homeless residents who’re uncomfortable voting or aren’t aware of where they are going to be at the time.

Even though Goeppel said that the Elections Act was vague and ambiguous when it comes to the use of proxy voting, Wilkie feels it is very clear.

In fact, anybody filling out forms to appoint proxy voters also have to check the box which says they will be absent from Yukon during the hours when voting will be taking place.

The last opinion poll of June had Liberals ready to defeat the Yukon party that has been in power for fourteen years now.


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