Donald Trump Requested Justin Trudeau To Step Down

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United States President Donald Trump and Canadian Prime Minister have many differences, from policies to history, from a drama teacher to a successful billionaire businessman.

Trudeau leans so far to the left as a liberal PM that he’s putting Carbon Tax on all of Canada, this will come out of wallets filled by the silent working class people like you and me. Trumps view on climate change is different, climate change is controlled by the hand of God.

United States and Canada are the most powerful and free countries in the world, why can’t they merge together and form the greatest spectacular nation in the world?

My views may be different than yours, but I had a dream last night, I dreamt Donald Trump requested from the White House that the leftist Canadian Prime Minister needs to step down, I woke up feeling happy after the dream.

Imagine if Trudeau stepped down? The silent working class Canadians would immediately have more money in their wallets as advance government organizations like the Conservative party would go to work in high speed restoring our country and therefore growing the relationship between Canada and Trumps America.

What do you think? Have you had a dream like this recently?