American Woman Seek Canadian Marriage As An Excuse To Move To Canada

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Many are protesting against Donald Trump, many are female as the majority of females voted for Hillary Clinton purely because she’s a female, they wanted to see the first female President, criminal or not! 

Very few woman choose to move to Mexico as Trumps Wall will keep them out, but most has expressed over social media their desire to move to Canada. 

Canada is not that great with PM Justin Trudeau in office, watch below, the WARNING has been given. 

Why not just get married to a Canadian leftist? 

We are a Canadian website, we have received many messages from Americans how they can move to Canada, we usually re-direct them to the Canadian immigration website, which did crash the night of the election. 

One woman asked us if it be easier to move to Canada through marriage? Desperation got called for some women.

We told them we’re not experts in the field and once again re-directed them to the immigration website and 

So if there’s any Canadian men out there looking for a leftist Hillary Clinton supporter from America, bait them on POF and hook up, good luck and live happily ever after.