Iceland Blocks Trudeau From Entering The Country After Getting Trumped 

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Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau got Trumped on November 9th after Americans voted for their new President and elected businessman Donald Trump. 

The hard-core leftist Prime Minister Trudeau said back in July he would move to Iceland if Trump gets elected. 

On November 9 Justin Trudeau packed his bags and made his move to relocate out of Canada, his destination was Iceland, but protesters blocked Trudeau and his cabinets from entering the country at the airport, forcing his caucus back into the plane and leaving. 

Iceland officials have barred Trudeau from entering the country while he’s Prime Minister. 

Of course this is satire but Trudeau is threatened by the new President, Carbon Tax doesn’t make sense with Trump in power, foreign investors will be more attracted to America and take their business there as is it will be much more profitable where’s there no hidden taxes, especially with natural energy companies. 

So what’s Trudeau’s next move? Move to Syria?