Trueau silent: Canadian Liberals protests against Trump and blame white people

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The first major protest against Donald Trump took a rise in Toronto on Sunday as liberal supporters came together to blame white people for voting for Trump.

The main reason for the protest was to blame racism and sexism in response to Trump’s win even though nearly 30 million Women voted for Trump in the general election.

From the Star:

“There are people here who are asking why the hell are we going to all this fuss about an election that happened in another country, about the president of a country we don’t live in,” Qaiser Ali, 22, an organizer in Toronto’s queer and transgender community, told the protest at Nathan Phillips Square, where it kicked off.

He later added: “we have a duty to resist tyranny wherever it may read its ugly head. No border is holding the spread of this sickness.”

Carrying a huge sign that read “Make Racists Afraid Again” — a play on Trump’s campaign slogan — demonstrators marched on Queen St. to University Ave. and north one block to the U.S. Consulate, where they blocked southbound traffic on University.

Trump supporters from Canada are now being called white trash people with guns by liberal supporters, these violent protests are the reason Trump got elected in the first place, to restore our country against racism and sexism, it’s the liberals own fault, however they will never admit to realizing it.

Over the past week we have shown our support for Donald Trump, we have been called “white people with guns” just for supporting Trump, those are the racists, not us, Justin Trudeau needs to put to a stop to it, will he step up?


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