Trudeau Changes Laws To Make It Easier For Mexican Immigrants To Enter Canada 

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Canada is going to be lifting its visa requirement for all Mexican visitors by December 2016 while Mexico has also agreed to end its long-standing restrictions on beef imports from Canada.

PM Justin Trudeau made this announcement with Enrique Pena Nieto, the Mexican president, by his side after the bilateral meeting between both leaders this week.

Trudeau said that the move was going to make it easier for Mexicans to move to Canada and will strengthen the community and help the local economy grow.

He also said that by getting rid of the restrictions on Canadian beef, Canadian families and farmers would benefit from this too.

The president and he even discussed the need for upholding advance democracy, upholding human rights, and the rules of law while ensuring respect for diversity and the ways in which people can work together for ensuring important goals are met.


The earlier Conservative government had imposed visas back in 2009 so that they could stop all of the asylum claims which were being made from Mexican citizens who were ineligible. This was a controversial move which stood as an irritant between both countries since.

The Conservatives also argued that the requirements shouldn’t be lifted until they can properly assess its impact. They said that the asylum rate for Mexican citizens was well below 1% over the last 4 years as compared to 25% before that.

The Liberals had promised during their election campaign that the restrictions were going to be lifted, but there have been numerous delays in the process.

The world is currently looking to the United States, Canada, and Mexico for leadership. All three leaders are currently focusing on cutting methane emissions and releasing a comprehensive North American clean energy, climate, and environment partnership.

The three amigos summit was scheduled initially for 2015 but had been canceled since the US and Canada were disputing the Keystone XL pipeline and Canada Mexico were fighting over visa requirements.