Kathleen Wynne Admits She Fu**ed Up

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Kathleen Wynne has the lowest approval ratings of any premier in history, her high energy and electricity prices put on Ontarians are her fault.

It’s a big mistake, it’s a mistake that cost Ontario millions, people who used to pay $100 a month for electricity now receive bills for $1700 a month. 

You can call it what you want, I call it a fu*k up, if my hydro bill went up $1300 a month from $100 I think anyone would agree it’s a fu*k up. 

“Our government made a mistake. It was my mistake. And I’m going to do my best to fix it,” she said. “In the weeks and the months ahead, we are going to find more ways to lower rates and reduce the burden on consumers.” she said

Wynne has come to realize her lack of support: 

“People look at me and many of them think: ‘She’s not who we thought she was. She’s become a typical politician. She’ll do anything to win,'” she said in the lunch-hour address. “Frankly, I think I sometimes have given them reason to think that.”

She also said she won’t be stepping down, in fact Wynne is looking to run for another term as premier, so you think she needs to step down? 

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