Canadian Immigration Website Offers Refugee Only Welding Jobs For $65,000 Or More Per Year

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The private Immigration Canada website is offering welding jobs to refugees with wages exceeding $65,000 per year, this website has been know to promote controversial subjects before.

This is a big blow to Canadians out of work seeking full time decent paying jobs, or any jobs for that matter.

More than 100,000 Alberta oilfield workers are currently out of work and they pull this on us, there’s no mention on their website for those seeking jobs who already live in Canada.


We are currently accepting requests from foreign nationals seeking to live and work in Canada on an expedited basis for immediate full-time employment in this Canadian industry.

Our fast track work programs provide qualified applicants and their families with immediate temporary entry to Canada on the basis of a government approved offer of full time employment commensurate with their qualifications.

Qualified applicants will receive work permits for immediate entry to Canada along with their family dependents. Thereafter qualified applicants and their families may also apply for Canadian permanent residence.

Canadian employers in this industry offer remunerative benefit packages which can exceed C$65,000.

As a Canadian I speak on behalf of all my fellow Canadians who are seeking jobs, I ask a favour from the Liberal government, Trudeau need to step and tell the immigrations website to removed this job offer until we have work, this shows lack of care for the Canadian people.

Share this everywhere and EXPOSE the corruption. 

Note to readers: is NOT a government funded website as some may think, with such a high value domain name it’s easy to assume it may be government funded.