Watch as Trudeau cries over Syrian refugees, but laughs at homeless Albertans

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Before we continue, we want to point out that we are FOR helping refugees, just not the way Trudeau is and is portraying it, Justin Trudeau and the liberals brought in more than 30,000 refugees over the last year, most of them have already been here for one year, meaning their government funded sponsorship is set to expire.

Trudeau met with one of these refugees and wiped away tears when talking to the man, watch below.

Justin Trudeau may be all teary eyed when it comes to helping people, that’s not the case for Albertans, and those who have family and make a living working in Alberta.

There have been three separate occasions where Trudeau made fun and laughed at Albertans over the policies and tragedies that happened to the Alberta people that put them out of homes, broke, and homeless.

One example affected myself deeply, the laughing star wars comment Trudeau made at his first time addressing Canadians on Fort McMurray after the city of 88,000 souls had to be evacuated from fires, watch below.

Then there’s this, watch below.

Trudeau also gave a smirk when asked why Edmonton was left out of the extra five weeks of EI benefits and said Albertans should be happy they we rent hit harder, what a lame thing to say.

It’s unknown how many many people have become homeless due to Trudeau’s policies, I live in the heart of oil country and I know many, and those laughs and ignorance from the PM was insult to injury.

There has never been a teary Trudeau for Canadians, especially if you live in Alberta.