The new Islamic Centre in Fort McMurray is the only thing booming right now

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Nearly 12,000 Muslims in Fort McMurray are excited that the new Islamic Centre costing $60 million will be open to prayer as the old Mosque has reached its capacity. 

The building will allow men and women to pray separate and will provide day care for Fort McMurray Muslims. 

Alberta has lost its oil boom since Rachel Notley became premier and started the war on coal, taxes and oil companies. 

Fort McMurray is dead right now, Alberta has lost its popularity in oil investments, its said that Alberta is ranked 43rd best place to invest in oil ever since Notley took over, that means very unattractive to investors meaning a job for the average Albertan is not looking good. 

The Muslim community has been growing rapidly in Canada thanks to the increase in Islamic refugees, Christian refugees have been refused and Trudeau has made comments that Muslims should run for the conservative government leadership in a bid to take over Canada. 

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