Trudeau says with enough money they can win the 2019 election 

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Justin Trudeau is already worried about losing the next election as reported by CIJ

Trudeau is begging for donations to the liberal party as money is needed to win the next election. 

Trudeau is already frightened by the Canadian Conservative party as he continues to attack them and starts sweating as 2019 slowly approaches. 

“Our opponents are already hard at work preparing to take us on in 2019. Whoever they rally behind, with enough money and resources, we know that anything can happen on election night.”

Reported by CIJ News:

In a fundraising email on December 5, 2016, Trudeau urged supporters of the Liberal Party to donate generously to help defeat the Conservatives in 2019 federal elections. In this regard, Trudeau said the following:

“But in 2019, it [Liberal government’s achievements] could all disappear on election night — if we take anything at all for granted.

“They are already attempting to divide Canadians by bringing up old fears and anxieties. You know as well as I do, fear has never fed a single family nor created a single job. If they succeed — and it’s possible — they will undo all the progress that we have made together, and we’ll all wish then that we did a little more when we could.”

Trudeau will have the CBC behind him, why is he scared? 

The CBC will give Trudeau unlimited advertising paid for by taxpayers.