CBC says Trudeau is gaining support in poll NOT verified 

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CBC has released another article saying Justin Trudeau is gaining support and the honeymoon is still on. 

Everyone knows CBC is funded by the taxpayers and most of their viewers are pro-liberal, which leads to biased polls and one sided by far. 

In their latest article they said:

Justin Trudeau’s Liberals continue to enjoy more support today than they did in the 2015 federal election and have yet to see their poll numbers take a negative turn. But as the government enters the second year of its four-year mandate, it’s making decisions that have the potential to disappoint some of its new supporters.

This is of course false and fake as there’s no evidence of these polls listed in the article, here’s their reponse hidden at the bottom of the article: 

This article reviews trends in national public opinion surveys, and includes all polls conducted and published by different pollsters between Sept. 1 and Nov. 30, 2016. Methodology, sample size and margin of error, if one can be stated, vary from survey to survey and have not been individually verified.

Cannot be verified? And national opinion polls? National means CBC viewers? Questions remain. 

I trust social media polls more than CBC polls or national opinion polls as said by the biased taxpayers funded media, it’s obvious why.