Liberals give themselves a HUGE $125M pay raise before Christmas 

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There’s more than 60,000 public government paid workers in Ontario, 8,500 of those are about to get a pay raise, most of them already earn between $100,000 to $300,000 per year. 

Most pay raises for the 8,500 civil managers will be for an additional $15,000 over the next four years. 

The Star reported: 

Just in time for Christmas, 8,500 managers, executives and deputy ministers in Ontario’s civil service are getting $125 million in pay hikes, the Star has learned.

It’s all because a long-standing salary freeze has left some managers earning less than their unionized staff, and mandarins lagging higher-paid colleagues in the broader public sector and private business.


Treasury Board President Liz Sandals will announce the plan Wednesday on behalf of the Liberal government, which has been criticized for not doing enough to help consumers struggling with skyrocketing hydro bills.

With Ontarians struggling to pay expensive hydro bills over failed green energy projects, is it a good idea for the government to give pay raises to people who already earn more than 3 times the average Canadian does? 

The Ontario liberals are facing public backlash over this, and so they should.