Trudeau Hires All Amish Police Force To Shun Canadian Terrorist 

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Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has made the announcement to hire a Amish police force to strictly bring justice to would be Canadian terrorists.

Trudeau said the special police force will serve justice by shunning, gossiping and making them stand in church in front of their own community.

“We have to fight this war by using peace, we don’t have the courage to be on the offensive strike in Syria so our new approach is to serve justice with peace” Trudeau told CBC.

CBC said this idea is flawed but it will help in a positive way, this is how Canada should be.

The Amish have agreed to use their own funds to resources for this project.

“We have already made hand cranked sirens and blue/red candles for the top of our horse carriages, I think this will be affective and successful to a more peaceful future” said a Ontario bishop who wishes to remain anonymous, “we won’t be using any taxpayers money” he added with a smile behind his beard.

Conservatives have said the idea was outrages, in which direction is Canada really going to under Trudeau?

Of course this is satire but in these tough political times we have to poke fun once in a while, share if this made you smile.