Did Justin Trudeau Breach the Conflict of Interest Act?

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Our dear Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is finding himself in hot waters yet again.

But this time it’s serious. This time, it’s for a potential violation of federal law.

According to the Ethics Commissioner of Canada, the Prime Minister may have violated the Conflict of Interest Act by attending a cash-for-access fundraiser organized by the Liberal Party.

The event in question attracted corporate executives and other affluent people who could’ve easily spent money, not for a greater cause, but just to demand favours from the government. The fundraiser was headlined by Bill Blair, a liberal MP who is actively campaigning to legalize recreational marijuana.

A Formal Questioning For Potential Wrongdoing

Trudeau’s action drew outrage from the opposition as politicians demanded action against the Prime Minister for violating the country’s laws. Both the Conservatives and the NDP launched formal and informal requests for an investigation into Trudeau’s actions.
Dawson wrote a letter in response to the requests, “your letter and media articles leave me with concerns in relation to Mr. Trudeau’s interactions with individuals involved with the canola export agreement.” She further went on to say, “I will follow up with Mr. Trudeau regarding his involvement with the fundraising events and with the three above-noted matters. I will inform you of the outcome in due course.”

The Way Forward

Although this is not a formal investigation into the Prime Minister’s conduct, it is still a significant step in the right direction towards ensuring accountability. The way this will proceed now is that Dawson will conduct interviews with both Trudeau and Blair regarding their role and presence in the event.

After the interviews are conducted, it will be up to the Ethics Commissioner to decide whether or not to launch a full-scale investigation.