Trudeau’s Justification for the Cash-for-Access Fiasco is Utterly Unacceptable

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How would you feel if you came to know that, for $1,500, anyone can get exclusive access to the most powerful person in the country? Incensed? Outraged? Possibly even worried about the influence of money in Canadian politics?

This is not what Justin Trudeau feels about his actions. In fact, he thinks he did it all to champion the Canadian middle class.

Quick question: How exactly do private cash-for-access parties, where people pay thousands of dollars to meet government officials, serve the interests of the middle class? Doesn’t it look like someone else’s interests are being served here?

The middle class cause

Let’s put this in context. These private fundraisers are for exclusive entry only. Not everyone can enter because not everyone has that kind of cash to spend for one night. That eliminates most or, indeed, all of the middle class.

But the people it eliminates aren’t nearly as important here as are the people who are allowed. When we eliminate the middle class, only the wealthiest can access these private fundraisers and meet the Prime Minister. Who exactly are these wealthy individuals? Well, they could be anyone from a Chinese investor to a rich businessman with an agenda.

Trudeau’s tale

Now we know what you’re thinking. If anyone with cash can buy their way in to the Prime Minister’s company, doesn’t that mean the government is influenced by those wealthy individuals? We think it does. Trudeau says it doesn’t.
Responding to fierce criticisms in a recent parliamentary session, Trudeau said, “No matter where I am or who I am talking to I always talk about the same thing: The fact that our priorities are to create economic growth for the middle class by increasing taxes for the 1 per cent of the wealthiest so we are able to reduce them for the middle class.”

So it’s all about the middle class, isn’t it? Well, we only have one thing to say to the Prime Minister.

If you want to defend your wrongdoings, at least come up with a better response.