Trump Agrees That Jobs Are More Important Than Climate Change Right Now

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A lot of the Canadian Diplomats who had been following the 2016 U.S presidential elections had already warned Ottawa about the changes in the co-operation of both the countries in fighting climate change. As the rest of the world had thought, Canadians too were relying on the polls suggesting that Hillary was in the lead and did not pay much attention to the case where Donald Trump would win.

After November 8th, concerns on how the President-elect will affect the agreement that had been made with president Barack Obama. At that time, U.S and Canada were both quite satisfied with the agreement and Obama congratulated and praised Trudeau’s efforts towards the cause.

However, it seems the new President-elect has different plans for the Paris agreement because firstly, he thinks that climate change is a hoax and secondly, he might want to adjust those funds in something more economically stable and profitable.

There are speculations that there may be reconsideration in the agreement on the reduction of greenhouse gases. According to Donald Trump it is a Chinese propaganda to make U.S production non-competitive. There has been an instance when Donald Trump called the Environmental Protection Agency a disgrace and may be working towards eliminating it. According to Catherin McKenna, Canada is still working with Trump to stay committed to pursuing the climate change Agenda, but this coming from the Environment Minister herself, it may be a little farfetched.

Since both Trudeau and Obama had agreed on looking for alternative fuel sources, Trump seems to be wanting to take a different path and fund more Fossil Fuel production. It seems that there are two sides of this story, one that is being portrayed by Minister McKenna and the other by Donald Trump. According to McKenna, there are 350 companies that have sent letters to both president Obama and Trump to continue the efforts in fighting climate change. This does not seem to be affecting Donald Trump’s stance on the matter.

It is difficult to say how the matter will end right now, but it is certain that there will be some changes in the previous agreement.


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