Winnipeg police to implement new mental health training program

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Winnipeg police department has decided to give its officers special mental health training. Over the next two years, all members of the Winnipeg Police service will receive training in how to de-escalate crisis situation and better deal with mental illness.

This Wednesday, the members of the police department were shown videos which demonstrated the training scenarios they will be going through. They have partnered with the company name Pro-Training that specialize in providing training in mental health and de-escalation.

An example of the training exercise included a woman police officer who was sexually assaulted told her fellow police officer about what happened and that she was cutting her wrists. The exercise teaches how the person who was listening to the victim should behave. It mainly demonstrated that listening to the victim is very important. The police department has taken a step to taking care of its employees as they have come to the conclusion that people need to address their concerns better. People who protect and serve the community need to be taken care of too.

According to Gord Perrier the deputy chief of police, officers face thousands of situations where they have to face people who threaten to hurt themselves, and he says that smartphones have a lot to do with it.

There have also been speculations that this will reduce use of force and train the officers to try to calm the criminals and people who are disturbed. There are some specific things that have to be taken care of when in these situations, such as using specific trigger words or making the person feel threatened in one way or the other.

The Winnipeg police department is doing its best to take care of its officers so they can help take care of the community better.  


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