Extreme cold warning causes schools to close down in Eastern Canada

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Eastern Canada will be experiencing extremely cold weather due to an approaching winter storm. Snow squalls and storm surges are to be expected throughout the region. This has forced schools to shut down and have left many households without electricity.

Schools in New Brunswick in the northern and eastern regions have been closed down as cold wind has been sweeping the area and made it dangerous to be on the roads.

New Brunswick experienced snow on Thursday and now due to the same arctic front, it will be experiencing strong winds and freezing temperatures.

Warning of extremely cold weather has been issued by Environment Canada for all of New Brunswick. The Acadian Peninsula is also bringing in Snow Squalls and fast moving cold winds. These winds are said to reach the speed of 90Km/h till Friday morning.

Current temperatures have reached below -20 degrees Celsius and if the winds keep up like they have; the temperature may drop further to a dangerous -35 degree Celsius. The New Brunswick Power company has reported that there have been about 1700 power outages across the province.

Warnings have also been issued by Highway officials telling drivers to stay off the roads during harsh winds. There have been reports of roads being partially covered and icy patches which may cause accidents.

Route 1 in Tyron has been closed down as vehicles are stuck in that area and there are reports that roads may be closed down further as Eastern Canada will be expecting a lot more icy roads this winter.

Reports also suggest that temperatures will gradually improve later in the day thanks to the Colorado Low which will bring in milder air to southern Ontario, allowing schools and other establishments to operate normally.


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