Nice Hair But No Brains, Where Did Trudeau Go Wrong?

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A recent poll by the Angus Reid Institute found that Justin Trudeau’s popularity rating is at its lowest point since he began his election campaign. His disapproval ratings went up 11 points in the last three months alone.

This trend is not new. Last month, an IPSOS poll showed that around 60 percent Canadians believed that the current Liberal government is more style than substance. Nearly half of the respondents in the survey could not name a single accomplishment by the government in their first whole year in office.

Why is he popular then? That might be the question for many. But the more relevant question is, why is his popularity sliding? The reasons are numerous. Here are just some of them:

International Affairs

Justin Trudeau has no experience of handling international relations. And it shows in his policies. In his first year in power alone, he has distributed around $5.3 billion in unconditional aid.

And while Canada has traditionally been a generous country on the international stage, his actions seem extremely unwise since the country is on a rocky path to economic recovery.

His Parliament Appearances

Being the elected representative of the people, the Prime Minister has the responsibility to be accountable to the people who elected him. Why, then, are his visits to the parliament to attend the Question Period becoming less frequent? Trudeau has an answer. He says the time he spends away from the parliament, he does so to “meet people” and spend time with them.
Isn’t this the most absurd response ever?

The parliament is a collection of representatives of the Canadian people. They’ve been elected specifically to ensure accountability? How can someone justify shying away from the representatives of the people by saying they want to spend time with people? It’s the kind of hogwash only Trudeau can come up with.

He may have nice hair, but no brains underneath.