Rachel Notley Should Not Have Told Us to ‘Take a Bus’

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What’s the difference between good leaders and phonies?

Good leaders lead by example. They inspire people with their generosity, like Mandela, or impress them with their courage, like Martin Luther King. What they don’t do is ask people to do something they’re not willing to do themselves. That’s what differentiates genuine people from the hypocrites.

And, when the time came for Rachel Notley to choose between being a genuine leader or a hypocrite, she chose the latter. She has been repeatedly talking down to Albertans in the defence of her carbon tax with little regard to her own advice.

Use public transit

Notley’s “take a bus” comment is an example of this. She has repeatedly asked the people of Alberta to change the type of vehicle they drive or use public transport to save on carbon tax.

In a press conference on Wednesday, she responded to the question of carbon tax by saying, “It’s not just a question of having a more fuel efficient vehicle, it could sometimes be a question of taking a bus, walking, you know, those kinds of things in terms of the patterns of fuel use that people engage in.”

Words and actions

However, earlier this month, when it was time for her to decide whether or not to take the bus, she chose to drive in an SUV.

According to Wildrose leader Brian Jean, earlier this month, the premiers attended a working dinner with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. At the end of the meeting, bus transport was available for the premiers but Notley did not take it and chose, instead, to drive in her SUV.

The only person to take the bus, oddly enough, was Saskatchewan premier Brad Wall who is currently leading the front against the carbon tax.

Why Notley is wrong

There can be many ways to pick apart Notley’s “take a bus” comment. Why is she dictating to the people about what they should choose? What about those in rural areas? Should they walk or wait for a bus in freezing cold temperatures?

These are all valid questions. But the biggest reason why she shouldn’t have asked us to take the bus is because she isn’t willing to lead by example.  

Jean was right when he said, “She doesn’t understand people are really in pain right now because she’s not sharing in the pain.”


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