Trudeau’s Approval Ratings Are Dropping like a Stone: It’s About Time

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When Justin Trudeau was elected as the Prime Minister of Canada, he was the ultimate poster boy for the Liberal Party.

His popularity was sky-high and his approval ratings would have been the envy of political leaders around the world. We can only guess that his good looks and boyish charm played a huge role in it.

Because, when it comes to policy, the trust of the Canadian people in the Prime Minister has been on the decline. His approval ratings are also continually sliding down and are now at the lowest point ever since he was elected.

Perhaps his charm is now wearing off and the Canadian people are coming to the realization that he and his party are not what they thought it to be.

The statistics

We base our assessment on the latest quarterly report by the Angus Reid Institute. The report relies on data gathered from more than 5,000 Canadian people to analyze the public approval of the Prime Minister.

Among the findings of the report is that Trudeau’s approval ratings are now at 55 percent. This represents a drop of nearly 10 points in the last three months alone. The Prime Minister’s disapproval ratings also rose 11 points from a previous 30 percent to 41 percent.

The reasons behind the numbers

“Is the honeymoon ending?” asks the report.
It most definitely is.
This is the sign of things to come, a sign that good looks and charm can only take someone so far. It’s the result of the suffering of people under some of the policies that the Liberal government has enacted. But what happened in the last three months that the approval ratings witnessed the single biggest dropped since his election campaign officially began?
Two words: environment and economy.

Trudeau’s stance on carbon tax is not sitting well with the Canadian people. People are also wary of the government because of the poor economic recovery.

It seems that the golden days of the Prime Minister are finally at an end.