You Won’t be Kicked Out of Toronto Police If You Believe Marrying 9-Year-Olds is Acceptable

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Yes. You read that right.

Musleh Khan is a Toronto Police chaplain and a marriage counselor on the side. And he has been repeatedly under fire for his extremely sexist views. In 2013, he stated in a public webinar that women should be “obedient” to their husbands, which includes not refraining from intimacy.

According to Khan, if a woman doesn’t consent to sex with her husband, she commits a ‘sin’. He believes that it’s a woman’s duty to be “obedient” to their husbands in all matters, including sex. The only “valid reasons” for women to refrain from sex, according to Khan, are sickness and obligatory fasting.

Discussing the question of the Prophet Muhammad’s controversial marriage with 9-year-old Aisha, he tried to justify it by saying:

“When you’re I believe 18 then you can do it on your own. In some parts of Europe it’s 15, OK. In some parts of Africa it’s even lower than that. Everywhere you go in the world you’re finding different ages.

So what is the real age to get married if it’s so different everywhere you go? The answer it’s our prophet [Mohammad] peace and blessings be upon [who ruled] at the age of puberty.

Don’t compare that time to 2015. A 9-10-year-old back then is what most 25 and 30 year olds are now. OK. The maturity level is completely different.”

This incident highlights dark realities about the Canadian police as well as the wider multicultural trend in Canada. As far as the police department is concerned, Khan’s remarks show the woeful lack of background checks when it comes to recruiting individuals.  

The reluctance of the police department to boot such individuals also brings to light a paradox. Multiculturalism, on one hand, believes that no one culture is superior to another. However, on the other hand, the refusal to kick Khan out for the fear that it might offend the Muslim immigrant community undermines that cultural equality.

Should we sacrifice some of our basic human rights regarding child marriage and sexual consent just out of “respect for a certain religion”? We leave the authorities to figure that out.