Billionaire Bill Gates Optimistic on Trump Led Government

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Speaking to the media recently, Microsoft founder Bill Gates said that Donald Trump has the opportunity to develop American leadership through innovation. Gates, the richest man in the world went a step further saying that President-elect Trump now has a similar opportunity to that of John F. Kennedy in the 60s, which ultimately led to the space age and America’s superiority in the space race.

Gates was able to make this assumption after meeting with President-elect Trump, where he supposedly pitched of his new energy innovation idea to Trump who according to Gates seemed very receptive to the idea. After a brief meeting, Gates seems confident that the new President-elect will work on bringing America back on top in fields of science and technology. Gates told reporters, that President Kennedy also talked about the space mission and rallied the whole country behind that idea. According to Bill Gates, the Trump Administration will have a very similar opportunity to get the whole country behind an idea whether it’s working on education and health reforms, or battling polio and other epidemics, or in the energy race.

Gates feels optimistic that the new presidency led by President Donald Trump will see a good deal of innovations in health and energy research, two sectors where the US has been lagging behind in the past. Bill Gates also told reporters that he has already prepared to lobby President Trump on matters such as clean energy technology. Gates also announced to start Breakthrough Energy Ventures, which is a $1 billion clean energy fund which will ensure that the US becomes a world leader in clean energy technology.

Since we all know that Trump likes a good deal, he shouldn’t have any qualms with Gates’ clean energy ideas which will put America back on the map in promoting clean energy technology.


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