Canadians Look Forward to a Winter Wonderland as the Holidays Approach

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As the cold and wintery weather batters Canada many states have continued to issue cold and snowfall warnings to make sure residents stay safe. Ontario, Manitoba and Quebec along with many other parts of the country have issued warnings on freezing rain and treacherous driving conditions. Meteorologists have predicted up to 30cm of snow, accompanied by gusts of up to 120 Km/h in some areas.

The dropping temperatures and freezing rain have proven to be a messy mix for cities across Canada and may also lead to possible flooding in the low lying areas. But, amidst the weather warnings and cancellations the dreams of having White Christmas this year will soon be washed away according to weather forecasts. This prediction comes in spite of nearly all of Canada experiencing seasonal temperatures that are well below average for this time of year.

In the coming days, the crisp cold air, rain and snow will recede, making way for dry days. This comes as great news to many who have already experienced an early case of winter fatigue, since the frigid temperatures began. According to meteorologists, the highly amplified jet stream pattern that has been responsible for the icy cold wind and snow is making its final rounds. After which, the jet stream will pick a more zonal pattern during the days that will lead on to Christmas. This will ultimately allow normal temperatures to spread from west to east across Canada much before Christmas day. While the more active pattern will help break from the Arctic air, temperatures will still remain cold enough for most ski areas to continue to build their snowpack.

For those of you who can’t wait, Environment and Climate Change Canada has analyzed weather records of 45 major centres across Canada for the past 61 years and have come up with some predictions for this year.