A Canadian expresses her concern over Kellie Leitch’s extreme policies

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Harleen Toor does not consider herself as a political person, but recently, there have been developments which gave rise to a very different style of protest. Harleen Toor, who is a family physician by profession, is a normal Canadian who supports the decision of Canada inviting 36,000 Syrian Refugees into their homeland, but is still a bit undecided on the issue of climate change being real and believes that the government has an important role to play in the economic prosperity of a country.

She admits to the fact that she has been talking about how the country is run and how it should be run, but has never really done anything about it. This all changed on November 9th. The igniting spark was the email that was sent out by Kellie Leitch after Donald Trump’s winning of the 2016 U.S. Elections. The email congratulated Trump and applauded everything that he stood for, which was: bigotry, narrow mindedness and divisiveness.

She claims that her political views are more on the progressive side but here, there is a job that needs to be done. Kellie Letich is the candidate for the leadership of the conservative party and her Pro Life stance, locking up activists and reversing the carbon tax in the face of climatic crisis is what turned Harleen’s head around.

Harleen has chosen a very unconventional way to protest this. She has decided to join the conservative party just so she can vote against her becoming one of the leaders of this country and spreading her toxic values.

A bold step, but one that does not seem to be working in Harleen’s favour because to survive in a party, going against some of their major values is not as easy as it seems. It remains to be seen what becomes of this step and whether Harleen will emerge victorious or not


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