The True Reason Trudeau And Notley Introduced Carbon Tax

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Canada is going through a particularly troublesome phase in history at the moment. There’s the threat of the immigration invasion, Islamic terrorism, homelessness, unemployment, and poverty. There are issues of weak economic recovery post recession and an energy industry that is suffering due to the drop in global oil prices. Alberta finds itself in the middle of all these problems.

Yet the NDP premier Rachel Notley is choosing to focus her energies on the supposed rise in global temperature. Doesn’t it seem strange or curious why that is the case? Why is a scientifically disputed claim treated like gospel? Why is the NDP government so insistent on spending valuable time and resources on this issue? Here’s the answer.

Billionaires, princes, and billionaire princes

The reason NDP government is so insistent on combating climate change is pretty clear. It’s money. In a time where the public suffers to get through the month on poor paying jobs, it is money that drives political policy.

But where does the money come from? In this case, we can point to two people—investor George Soros and Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal. These two people, along with many other billionaires, have huge stakes in the green energy business. They channel a small part of their money into politics to drive policy to meet their personal interests.

Public opinion

Paying politicians to create public policies is not enough. You also need to drum up public support for the policies and the “cause”. This is where the lobbyists, activists, and the media come in.

Many billionaire green energy executives, in the name of corporate social responsibility, fund a variety of special interest groups like LeadNow and the TIDES Foundation. These organizations have activists who can work with the civil society to promote the “cause” of saving the planet. Investors like Prince Talal also have significant investments in the media. All these threads come together to create a web of propaganda that not only feeds into the leftist agenda but also fills the pockets of the corporate bosses.

Is this conflict of interest for NDP? We’ll let you decide.


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